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Fashion Domains

We have a number of Fashion Domains available so please get in touch if you would like to discuss other options.

Domain Authority

Buying a domain with an existing reputation and an established Domain Authority score gives a head start when launching a new business. Establishing a new site, getting ranked in search engines and developing quality backlinks can take between six and twelve months. Buying this domain is your chance to shortcut this process.

suitthatfits.com has a Domain Authority score of 16

Please use the links below to verify the existing backlinks and current Domain Authority score.

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If you would like to discuss this or any other domain, or find out how we can help market your site and boost your search engine ranking, please get in touch today.


01. Domain Sourcing

We source Premium Domains for our clients, often with existing backlinks, domain authority and search engine profiles - saving valuable time and money.

02. Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of getting your website ranked highly in organic (unpaid) search for your chosen key phrases. We research your sector, create a plan and execute it for a fixed price.

03. Backlink Building

A key part of SEO is getting well-respected sites in your sector to link to you. We have tried and tested ways of making this happen in a sustainable and ethical way.

04. Article Writing

Being seen as an expert in your field creates authority which earns respect and trust from potential customers. Publishing well-written, comprehensive articles is a key part of this.

05. Social Media

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and even Tik Tok are great tools for engaging with your customers. Posting regularly keeps your brand at the forefront of their minds. We can plan and execute your social strategy.

06. Website Design

Website design and structure, internal link building, readability, site loading speed and responsiveness are key to a healthy search ranking. Our designers are expert in creating attractive optimised sites.


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Satisfied Customers

  • Jonathan and the team have been our marketing partners for five years and have taken us from a local family business to a national business with over 20 staff.

    - Steve Grimes, Glasgow
  • We used to do our own marketing, and we didn't realise just how much we didn't know. These guys have a simple approach - plan, quote a fixed price, and deliver!

    - William Barnes.


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  • Step 1

    Grab A Good Domain

    A 'good' domain is usually short, memorable and easy to spell. If it also contains your key phrase, this will help with SEO but it is not essential. Opinion is divided on domain suffix but we would still recommend only using regional (eg .co.uk) or global (eg .com) domains.

  • Step 2

    Create SEO Friendly Website

    Design your website with fast-loading pages, intuitive navigation, responsive layout and search-friendly structure. It should be easy to add new content to so that you or your staff can quickly add new content and keep the site fresh. Frequently updated content keeps visitors coming back.

  • Step 3

    Create Quality Content

    High-quality authoritative articles and engaging content will establish you as an authority in your field. You can pay writers to create such content for you. Many people pay a writer to create the bones of the article and edit it before publication to reflect their voice or house style.

  • Step 4

    Get High-value Backlinks

    Links from well-respected sites in your sector with appropriate link text will boost your ranking for those phrases. Make sure the links go to your most relevant content rather than always linking to your home page.

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